What material does Green Guy accept?
We accept most household recyclables and all metals. Check out What We Accept for more information. Also, check out What We Don’t Accept for more information about other recycling and disposal outlets.


Do I need to sort my household recyclables?
Yes! We have containers for each type of material. You can sort them before you bring them, or when you come to the drop off center. Please read the signs on the containers for proper recycling. Check out What We Accept for more information.


What does Green Guy purchase?
We purchase all metals, please see our What We Buy page!


Does Green Guy charge a fee for any items?
Unfortunately, certain recyclable items have a negative value. We want to provide an outlet for recycling these materials, but we have to charge for them. These include tires, TVs, CRT computer monitors, used oil filters, and freon bearing appliances. If shown proof of residency, these fees are waived for San Marcos city residents currently being charged a recycling fee (on the City of San Marcos Utility Bill). For details, check out the example of a City of San Marcos Utility Bill and the highlighted charge for Recycling Center Services under Current Charges. 


Will someone help me unload my metal?
Yes! We have forklifts, bobcats, large magnets, and a large-volume material handler to get the metal offloaded quickly. Our crew is here to help unload. For details about our equipment, please see our Equipment page.


How can I get current pricing on metals?
Contact Green Guy Recycling by phone at 512-353-3266.


Does Green Guy pick up any material?
We do! We offer a Roll-Off Service for 20, 30, and 40 yard containers. We can also send a truck and trailer to pick up scrap metal. Our service area includes San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, Wimberley, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Lockhart, and Luling. Call for a quote at 512-353-3266! 


Does Green Guy sell metal?
Yes, we have an outstanding resale program! We generally have construction material, such as I-beams, corrugated roofing metal, and angle iron. We also sell all types of scrap metal and some of the random items that come our way. To get a better idea of a few items we have, check out our Purchase Used Material page. Give us a call or stop by for current availability. 


What kind of documentation do I need to sell metal?
For all metal sales (except aluminum cans), the Texas Department of Public Safety requires the seller to show a valid government-issued driver’s license or identification card. For specific items such as A/C units and vehicles, please see our Documentation Requirements page.


How can I tell what kind of metal I have?
The quick way is to see if a magnet sticks to it. If it does, you have ferrous metal that will be purchased as shreddable steel, long iron, or short iron. If it does not, you have non-ferrous metal, such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, or brass. For more details check out our Make More Money page.


How can I scrap a junk vehicle?
To scrap a junk vehicle, you will need a valid driver license and clear title or a certificate to demolish issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. For details about how we can help with that, check out Documentation Requirements page.


How can I increase the value of my metal?
Keep the metals separated! The more you sort your metal, the better price we can give you. For a few ideas on how to sort, see our Make More Money page.


What are Green Guy’s business hours?
Our drop off center for household recyclables is open 24/7. The metals buy back center is open Monday – Friday 9 – 5 and Saturdays 9 – 2. 


Where is Green Guy Recycling located?
Our address is 937 Hwy 80, San Marcos, TX 78666. We are located on the east side of I-35, behind the Tractor Supply and the Hobby Lobby.