Meet The Crew

Jeremy Jeremy is the owner of Green Guy Recycling. He was a Texas State student when he was hired in as a part-time route driver for the company in 2005. He was quickly promoted to Operations Manager where he directed the logistics and daily operations of the company. After 10 years of service, Jeremy purchased Green Guy from the company founder and remains the sole owner of the business.
Tommy Tommy is the Operations Manager. Tommy began his career at Green Guy as the baler’s helper. He now manages the daily operations and logistics of the company. Tommy joined Green Guy in 2008.
Joey is the Purchasing Manager. He manages non-ferrous metals purchasing and scale operations. Joey specializes in material grading, pricing, and customer service. Joey joined the company in 2017.
will-crop Will is the Commercial Driver. He operates the Mack roll off truck and manages the roll off service. Will sets 20, 30, and 40 yard dumpsters for residential, commercial, and industrial accounts. Will specializes in truck operation, route management, and customer service. Will first joined the company in 2011.
William William is the Demolition Superintendent. He specializes in the assessment, organization, and continued performance of our off-site work. He was hired as Green Guy’s Welder in 2013.  He is now a go-to guy for materials purchasing, facilities maintenance and improvements, and technical assistance.
Maria is the Office Manager. She is the company bookkeeper and manages accounts receivable and payable. Maria also coordinates shipments with our buyers. Maria joined Green Guy in 2007.
Laura Laura is the Administrative Services Manager. She coordinates company compliance, documentation, inventory, and daily administrative logistics. Laura joined Green Guy in 2012.
Pedro Pedro is the Ferrous Operations Foreman. He specializes in yard operations and material purchasing across the truck scale. Pedro also assists customers with material resales. Pedro first joined the company in 2006.
Louis1 Louis is the shop mechanic. He performs preventative maintenance and repairs on the company vehicles, Bobcats, forklifts, the Fuchs, and the baler. Louis also assists with material processing and unloading non-ferrous metals. Louis joined the company in 2011.
Leon Revised Leon is a non-ferrous metals purchaser. He operates the scale, grades material, pays customer tickets, and maintains shop efficiency. Leon specializes in customer service and retention. Leon joined the company in 2015.
jacob-crop Jacob processes non-ferrous metals inside the warehouse. He operates the large alligator shear to clean metal so that it can be sorted into commodity grades. Jacob joined the company in 2016.
Justin is a non-ferrous metals purchaser. He assists with unloading customer vehicles, material grading, and sorting. Justin specializes in customer service and scale operations. Justin joined the company in 2016.
Pete Pete purchases metals across the truck scale and assists customers with unloading. Pete is also a torch operator and processes steel in the ferrous yard. He joined the company in 2010.
Damian Damian assists customers with unloading ferrous metals in the yard. He sorts the metal and helps maintain the ferrous inventory. Damian also operates the auto baler. He joined the company in 2008.
Alec Alec is a non-ferrous metals purchaser. He specializes in customer service, IBC baler operations, and metals identification. Alec also performs safety and environmental facility inspections. He joined the company in 2014.
Ramon is the non-ferrous metals and fibers baler. He organizes material, operates the IBC baler, loads and unloads shipments and customer vehicles, and maintains the inventory in the fibers yard. Ramon joined the company in 2017.
 Edwin Crop Edwin assists customers with unloading ferrous metals in the yard. He sorts metal into commodity grades and assists with material processing. Edwin also assists with off-site demolition and dismantling jobs. Edwin joined the company in 2015.
Scott is a Recycling Technician. He sorts material and assists with facility maintenance and the IBC baler. Scott joined the company in 2016. 
Carlos is a company welder and mechanic. He specializes in fabrication and equipment maintenance. Carlos repairs containers and equipment at the facility. He joined the company in 2017.
David David is Green Guy Recycling’s route driver. David drives the route for the City of San Marcos facility contract. David also picks up scrap metal from commercial and residential customers. David joined the company in 2006.
Ethan Crop Ethan is a Recycling Technician. He primarily works as an HHW technician for the contract with the city. While at Green Guy, Ethan assists with scale operations, facility up-keep, and non-ferrous material processing. Ethan joined the company in 2015.
Kyle is the founder of Green Guy Recycling. He came to San Marcos to attend Texas State University. After running the university’s recycling program, Kyle struck out on his own to open Green Guy Recycling. Kyle started the company in 1995. In the summer of 2015, after 20 years of ownership, Kyle sold the business to his long-time friend and manager, Jeremy Kay. Kyle now lives out on his ranch in Wimberley with his dog, Bozka.