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Green Guy purchases non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, radiators, stainless steel, batteries, etc.

Would you like to earn more money?  Learn how to make your metal more valuable.

We built our business on establishing lasting relationships with our clients.  One way we do this is by showing our customers how to increase the value of their material.  Whether it be proper metal sorting or pre-processing the material to a higher grade, Green Guy Recycling will show you how to make a bigger bang for your buck.

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Are you new to Green Guy Recycling?

We are always happy to help here at Green Guy Recycling.  We know you may have questions regarding material or just where to go.  Click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" to view commonly asked questions.  Click on the "Drop Off Center" to view the items accepted and not accepted.

Find Us

937 Highway 80

San Marcos, TX 78666

We are located directly behind Tractor Supply off Highway 80.

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