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Our Story

Kyle Hahn

Kyle Hahn started his recycling career as a college student, working as the Recycling Coordinator for the Southwest Texas State University (now called Texas State University).  At the time, the university accepted recycling from the public at a facility in the stadium parking lot.  In 1995, the university closed its facility to the public, prompting Kyle to strike out and start his own recycling company.  Kyle found an old warehouse for rent at 937 Hwy 80, behind what was then the old Walmart.

On January 3, 1995, with only 3 employees, Kyle Hahn opened the doors of Green Guy Recycling.  During the first year, Green Guy recycled 1 million pounds of material.  The company now has 25 employees and recycles over 20 million pounds per year.

Green Guy Recycling began as a company that primarily recycled fibers, such as paper and cardboard.  Over time, metals recycling began to dominate the business.  The company now specializes in purchasing ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Maintaining contracts with large regional manufacturers, Green Guy continues to grow the metal portion of the business.

Green Guy continues to accept and promote household recycling.  In 2006, the San Marcos city Council awarded Green Guy a 5 year contract to operate the public drop off center, collect recyclables from the city facilities and city sponsored events, and provide labor for the Household Hazardous Waste Collection site.

In the summer of 2015, Jeremy Kay purchased the business from Kyle.  Prior to acquiring the company, Jeremy served as Green Guy Recycling Operations Manager for 10 years.  Kyle turned down several corporate buyout offers before deciding to retire and sell the company to his longtime friend and employee.

Green Guy Recycling Over the Years

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