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Payment Options

Green Guy Recycling has several options for payments.  Most customers are paid in cash at the time of the transaction. Checks are also available for commercial customers.  In accordance with State of Texas Metal recycling laws, first-time customers are paid with a check.

Dollar Bills
Signing Check

Commercial customers also have the option to authorize certain employees to receive payment.  Employers can rest assured that payment for the material is documented and delivered to the correct person.

Transaction Records and Theft Prevention

Customers who deliver metal in commercial vehicles will have the company name associated with their customer account.  At any time, an employer can check on their employee's transactions.  Each commodity purchased is photographed and associated with a customer account.  Vehicle information is recorded for each delivery.

Green Guy Recycling won numerous Distinguished Awards from the San Marcos Police Department for assistance in metal theft prevention and cooperation.

Destruction and Recycling Certificates

Green Guy Recycling will provide letters of certification for material destruction and recycling.  Many commercial clients request hard drive destruction certificates.

Hard Drive Destruction 1.JPG
Sheared Hard Drives.JPG

Recycling Reports

Commodity recycling reports are available for commercial clients.  Recycling figures are necessary for Leeds Certified construction project and are helpful for environmental management divisions of corporations.


Green Guy Recycling is a registered metal recycling entity and complies with all local, state, and federal laws.

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