What We Buy

Green Guy Recycling purchases all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, radiators, stainless steel, batteries, steel and iron.  Our buyback customers include household residents, scrap metal peddlers, small businesses, and corporate accounts.  We take pride in providing honest weights and fair prices.  All scale weights are displayed to the customer throughout the transaction and are recorded on an itemized receipt.  Click the picture or title of each commodity to learn more about the individual requirements.

Ferrous Metals


150 lb minimum to purchase Steel

Shreddable Steel

Non-Ferrous Metals


Bare Bright Copper.jpg
New Copper Tubing.jpg
#1 Copper.jpg
# 2 Cu.jpg
No 1 Insulated.JPG
No 2 Insulated.JPG
No 3 Insulated.JPG
Low Grade Wire.JPG


Red Brass.jpg
Yellow Brass.JPG
Bullet Brass.JPG
Dirty Brass.jpg
Brass Shavings.jpg


Dirty Copper Core.jpg
Clean Aluminum Fin-Copper Core Radiators
Core Ends.JPG
Dirty Aluminum Radiator.jpg
Dirty Aluminum Rad.jpg
Clean Auto Radiators


Alum Cans.JPG
Aluminum Rims.jpg
Chrome Rims.jpg
Clip Aluminum.jpg
Cast Aluminum.JPG
Dirty Extrusion.jpg
Clean Aluminum Shavings.jpg
Clean Sheet Aluminum.jpg
Die Cast Aluminum.jpg
EC Wire.jpg
Dirty Aluminum Shavings.jpg
Irony Sheet Aluminum(2).jpg
Clean Extrusion.jpg
Neo ACSR.jpg
Dirty Aluminum.JPG

Stainless Steel




Miscellaneous Commodities




150 lb minimum to purchase Electronics