Commercial Demolition

Green Guy Recycling understands that the larger the project is, the higher the stakes are.  Our proven success over the last 15 years demonstrates our focus on safety, efficiency and outstanding customer service.  Whether the project calls for demolition or dismantling, we can reduce the job expense and environmental impact by applying intelligent waste management principles to every aspect of the job.

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Check out some of our commercial projects below:


Small Building Demolition

Trico Industries Demolition

The Trico Industries Demolition Project included the disassembly and demolition of a 120,000 square feet.  This was an oilfield component manufacturing facility.

Old Mensor Demolition

The Old Mensor Demolition Project took approximately eight weeks to complete.  Seven weeks were spent gutting, disassembling, and hauling the building, and one was spent demolishing and hauling the concrete foundation.

Old McCoy's Building Headquarters Demolition

The Old McCoy's Building Supply Headquarters Demolition Project took approximately eight weeks to complete.  With approximately 30,000 square feet of office space, this project took place mostly inside of the building sorting material.  Although the concrete foundation remains, all of the structural steel above ground was removed, and main utilities capped.